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ZOC Terminal 7.05.5

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ZOC Terminal 7.05.5

ZOC Terminal Review:

 In the modern times, there are different ways by which two devices can be connected to one another. The client-server style of connectivity is one of the most-used connectivity tools that will help in linking one to a remote host so that data can be sent and received. ZOC Terminal is an all in one professional Secure Shell (SSH) and Telnet client that will help in connecting to all text based servers easily.  

 What Is ZOC Terminal?

 It is the best terminal emulator software you can have that will help in performing loads of functions for Telnet and SSH connections as well as carry out multiple tasks on different compatible hosts. The application comes with a modern interface that is easy to use even for novice and advanced users. You can easily and securely access mainframes and hosts through serial cable, Telnet, SSH, modem as well as other modes of communications. As it can be used to open and function several tabs at a given time, ZOC terminal is capable of handling different shells in a given session effortlessly. 

 Key Features  

 - Emulations offered by ZOC Terminal are: TN3270 and TN5250, TVI, Xterm, Ansi-BBS and Ansi-SCO, VT220, VT100, Wyse, etc.
 - Customizable application to suit your needs and preferences.
 - Scripting language feature that has over 200 commands. 
 - Tabbed sessions for carrying out work on concurrent connections and also offer thumbnails of the open sessions. 
 - Offers the administrator to define buttons and it also carried out automatic actions. 
 - Protocols supported are: Secure Shell (SSH V1/V2), Rlogin, ISDN via CAPI, modem via TAPI and serial port and Telnet.
 - Online chat support so that you get quick answers and solutions to your problems. 
 - Full keyboard remapping that makes sending text, executing programs, performing functions, etc. very easy. 
 - Automation support: AutoLogin, DDE support, Auto Macros, Auto Replies, AppleScript support and DFE support.


 - Modern day interface that is very easy to use. 
 - All functions can be easily reached using keyboard shortcuts. 
 - Thumbnail summary for multiple sessions. 
 - Connects to all types of hosts in a single app and also at the same time.

 The ZOC Terminal is a very good Telnet and SSH client and emulator that is ready to carry out a lot of activities and also perform automating tasks at ease. With easy to configure options, standard and advanced terminal features and a flexible and intuitive interface, ZOC Terminal is a very good emulator to have on your system.

Changes on the new version:
FIX: file transfer cancel button did not work
ZOC Terminal screenshotZOC Terminal screenshotZOC Terminal screenshotZOC Terminal screenshotZOC Terminal screenshotZOC Terminal screenshot

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